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  • Automotive chooses for Semecs Branch: automotive industry (worldwide)
    Clients: we work for many A-brands, as first and second tier supplier
    Products: electronic applications in the area of brake technology, control technology, motor technology, chassis control, safety and protection
  • Semecs produces device against cancer Client: Ambicare Health Ltd. (Scotland)
    Product: Ambulight PDT, a LED technology based device for light therapy for non melanoma skin cancer
    Target group: skin cancer specialists in hospitals and clinics
    Order: Produce a box built PDT
  • Regenerative energies > Photovoltaics Our "regenerative energies" industry represents exciting growth prospects now and in the future, not only in Germany and Europe, but also increasingly on every continents all over the world. For the solar inverter market, Semecs produces the electronics for one of the leading inverter manufacturers in Germany.

    The solar inverter is the heart of any photovoltaic system and converts the direct current produced by the solar modules into alternating current. On the input side is a DC-DC converter which stores the interim circuit. On the output side, there is a one to three-phase inverter which feeds into the low voltage network or the medium voltage network, depending on the performance class, and automatically synchronises with the power network.
  • hipKey; success through co-operation Branch: safety & security
    Client: Hippih ApS, Kgs. Lyngsby - Denmark
    Product: the HipKeyTM
    The Hipkey is a proximity and safety device warning the owner of an iPhone or iPad against theft or loss and also to keep track on loved ones (child-mode) in f.i. public places. It is marketed worldwide via the official Apple.com site and available in Apple stores in the USA,  Canada and Europe.

Moving boundaries: exceeding expectations"

At Semecs, we continuously seek out opportunities where we can work to exceed the expectations of our customers. This means looking in the future, analyzing trends and adjusting to ensure that we fully understand the aims and business of each and every one of our customers. And, of course: adding value. That is what moving boundaries is to me.

Krish Marapin
New Business Manager

Mission and vision

Balanced partnership

The secret of EMS solutions at the highest level is Balanced partnership. Read more »

IPC member

Our Slovakian plant has certified staff for various IPC standards

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ELECTRONICA 2018 - Munich

Solid Semecs will be present at the ELECTRONICA 2018, to be held in Munich (Germany) from 13 up to 16 November 2018.


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Agreement LIORIS with retail chain ZEEMAN

LIORIS Operations / Semecs Netherlands BV, a Solid Semecs  division, has successfully reached an agreement with the textile retail company ZEEMAN for the supply of the LIORIS “TUBO” LED tubes

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About Semecs

Semecs is one of Europe’s leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers. We have more than 25 years of experience in developing and producing complex electronic solutions. Our clients are active in a wide variety of markets, which we serve successfully for over many years.

We are a one-stop EMS provider and provide high quality services at every step of the EMS trajectory: from concept and design to production and after sales. Our clients profit from our strategic location policy: we have established branch offices close to our clients, but have our production in Central Europe. This makes it possible to offer a balanced package of high quality EMS solutions with extremely competitive conditions.

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You don't monitor quality, you produce it. That's how we think about the quality of EMS at the highest level. It is not without good reason that many of our clients are in the automotive and medical industries. We naturally adhere to the same quality standards required for these two markets for all our other projects.


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