PCBA Testing as a philosophy

Exceptional PCB assembly is our promise to you. As a result, we are very much aware that every single detail contributes to the quality, lead time and costs of both your product and the production process. That is why PCBA testing is at the heart of our production philosophy.

Optimizing every single detail

We believe that PCBA testing involves a lot more than performing a handful of one-off functional tests. In our view, it is all about optimizing every single detail of the PCB and (by implication) ensuring the highest product quality, shortest lead times, and lowest costs possible.

PCB assembly testing

Even before we start the production process, we want to be able to say: these are the optimum limits, tolerances and conditions for your PCB. After all, theory and practice can deviate considerably, leading to sub-optimal or even harmful performance of a component, PCB and eventually product.


NedFlex® turns PCBA testing from a mere overhead into an investment that is sure to pay off. None of our customers produce anything without extensively testing the product first.

You are most welcome to explore NedFlex®.

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More data, fewer errors

This requires data and insights that can help to improve both your product and the production process. Therefore, we endorse the use of both Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Testing (DfT).

What's more, we have developed a high-quality PCBA testing platform called NedFlex®. The data and insights this platform delivers are invaluable to us. By sharing these with you we can work together on developing a PCB that is fully optimized for your product:

Higher quality

The quality of your product meets your requirements or – in most cases – exceeds it by far.

Shorter lead time

The availability of data ensures a much shorter NPI and prototyping phase.

Lower costs

It is significantly more cost-efficient to incorporate PCBA testing into the production process than to test afterwards.

State-of-the-art production plant

Exceptional PCB assembly demands a high-quality production location. Explore our energy neutral plant in Slovakia.

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