Our Exceptional promise

By promising ‘Exceptional’ PCB assembly, we make two promises in one. On the one hand, we stand for high-quality partnerships: in quality, production, and deliveries. On the other, we have chosen to focus entirely on industrial-scaled assembly. That way, you can rest assured that we are 100% focused on your solution.

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We provide all of the knowledge necessary to optimize your design for industrial-scale production. In so doing, we have made a conscious decision not to invest in R&D ourselves.

That way, we can guarantee that your product and product design are always our highest priority. Plus, you don’t run the risk of your solution ending up in the wrong hands.

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We are large enough to provide industrial production at the highest level. But we are also lean enough to flexibly adapt to changing circumstances.

Do you want us to increase production volumes dramatically within a week? Update the software due to changing specs? Or a purchase order in just one day? No problem, we can move fast to keep up with the pace of your business.

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We work with a unique testing platform named NedFlex®. It allows us to save all of the information about your solution.

That helps us to optimize the production process, and helps you perfect your solution and all of its components.

That way, we can raise the bar together.

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production plant

A state-of-the-art production plant located in a low-cost region is the ideal way to maximize performance while offering competitive prices.

Our production plant in Slovakia is energy neutral, equipped to the latest Western standards and has all of the ISO certificates for Automotive and Medical.

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