In-circuit & Functional testing

Testing is a crucial step in the production process that often enables us to make the difference. After all, exceptional PCB assembly is all about ever-shrinking margins.

During in-circuit tests, we measure all of the components on the PCB, and use short- and open tests to inspect the circuits. Our end-of-line functional tests monitor the products based on a wide range of specifications, both the client’s and our own.

Certain parts of the PCB assembly process, such as testing, require extreme precision. That is why we are making substantial investments in robotization.

PCB in-circuit testing

End of line testing

  • BI Burn-in test
  • HV High voltage test
  • RF Radio frequency testing
  • LT Leakage test

We store all of the data in our Semecs database, which is connected to our high-quality test platform NedFlex®.

High-quality test platform

We don’t like to brag, but we’re proud to make an exception for our test platform named NedFlex®. Over the years, it has grown to become an instrument of inestimable value. We not only use it to conduct all relevant tests, but also to generate and combine data with our own Semecs database.

And naturally, we share the data with you, so that we can both get the most out of the product design and optimize every detail of the production process.

Custom fixture development

Custom fixtures

We use fully customized test facilities to test your specific solution. Naturally, we conduct our tests in consultation with you, so that we can benefit from one another’s knowledge and expertise. These fixtures are developed and built at our Dutch location in Uden (Brainport Eindhoven).

State-of-the-art production plant

Exceptional PCB assembly demands a high-quality production location. Explore our production facility in Vráble, Slovakia.

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