Cobots at work

Certain parts of the PCB assembly process require extreme precision. And that is exactly what our cobots offer: precision to the square millimeter.

Why cobots?

There are a variety of ways to robotize assembly work. We have chosen to use cobots. These ‘collaborative robots’ are specially designed to operate in the same workspace as humans.

Because they can communicate with their environment, they are significantly smarter, more flexible and safer than traditional robots.

The benefits of cobots at work:


Cobots carry out their work with an unrivalled degree of precision. What’s more, they never deviate from their programmed tasks. So when they are assembling fragile components, they guarantee continuous quality at the highest level.


By investing in robotization, we are reducing our dependency on developments in the labor market. On top of that, we are in a position to upscale and expand faster than ever before.


At present we mainly use cobots in the test phase. But because they are easy to program, we can easily use them for other work too. That means we can adapt to our clients’ needs in an instant.


There’s no denying it: cobots work faster than human hands. This speeds up our processes, resulting in shorter lead times.

More satisfying work

Our cobots don’t replace staff – they complement them. By taking over the monotonous tasks, they free up our employees to do more satisfying and challenging work.


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