NPI & Prototyping

Communication is a crucial prerequisite for success when introducing a new product. At Semecs, you therefore have a single, clear point of contact.

It is responsible for ensuring that the process runs smoothly and that we can perform optimally in accordance with our agreements. We store all of the data in Microsoft Dynamics, our ERP system which we use to carefully control and monitor the project.

NPI and prototyping


Prototyping is the next crucial step towards the optimal product and production process. To that end, we conduct a full-fledged first run, after which we carefully analyse the results together with you. In the end we are stronger when we work together.

Validating the prototype

  • Temperature profile validation (reflow and wave soldering)
  • X-ray check
  • Automatic optical inspection
  • SPC measurement
  • IPC A610

Semecs prototype testing


By definition, optimization requires adjustment. That is why we have implemented an effective and flexible Change Management System. Every adjustment is carefully recorded, so that we all know exactly what is going on. Once all of the stakeholders approve a request, we convert the request into an order.

Since we use highly flexible lines at our production plant, we can usually implement the change immediately.

State-of-the-art production plant

Exceptional PCB assembly demands a high-quality production location. Explore our production facility in Vráble, Slovakia.

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